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Soccer, or football, is played throughout the world and is the most popular sport. Many regions play soccer, even the United States (U.S.), where soccer has been gaining popularity in recent decades and is the third most popular sport in the U.S.

This year is the World Cup, an international association football competition that is the most prestigious tournament in the world. Occurring every four years, it is the most widely viewed sports event in the world, exceeding even the Olympics.

The Toledo World Soccer Games is inspired by the World Cup this year, as well as the Dayton World Soccer Games by our partners at Welcome Dayton.

Photo of a soccer field from a low angleThe Toledo World Soccer Games is a fun, celebratory event that celebrates Toledo’s cultural diversity through soccer. This event is an opportunity for the region to come together through a sport that unites U.S.-born community members and community members through a universal language in the sport of soccer.

This all-day tournament is designed to give attention and celebrate the services being accomplished by local organizations. These organizations are making a more welcoming and smooth transition for new residents moving to Toledo- Lucas County.

All net proceeds will be donated toward these local organizations helping new residents feeling welcome and settle in Toledo-Lucas County. If you would like to donate money on top of your registration, please state this in your registration form.


Javier R. Salas

Register for the 2018 Toledo World Soccer Games tournament today!