Rules and Recommendations

The club has four standing rules for our members:

1: Be a good person and team mate
2: Be committed
3: Be willing to learn
4: Have a desire to win

Rule number 1 covers a lot of ground, and is usually called the “no douchebag” rule. We all get wound up at some point; just make sure you make up for it when you do. Any violation of this rule will go to our disciplinary committee, and you could be suspended for some time, or just not allowed to play anymore. Don’t be an ass and it won’t be an issue.

Rule number 2 is designed to make sure players inform their teammates about their availability to play. We want you to play, and if you can’t make a game, let your guys know.

Rule number 3 reminds us that as we age our style will have to change, our bodies can’t do what they used to, and everyone should be willing to play where they are best for the team. No one is an expert in all things, and we can all get better.

Rule number 4 is very important, but it is last for a reason. We want you to desire winning, but not at the expense of violating the other three rules of the club.

Rules that must be followed while playing in our leagues:

A: You have to be of age for the league by the end of the current session, and you can play down in age groups but not up. Women are allowed to play one age group early.
B: You cannot have a team in a league if you are not going to be there to manage it.
C: You can’t sub if you haven’t been asked to by the team captain or their designee.
D: 1st tie breaker is head to head, second is goals against, third is goals for.
E: There is no overtime in league games; finals games will go directly to PKs.
F: Violent conduct is an automatic season suspension; only the good conduct committee can modify this.
G: No subbing of players in a league finals game, you play with the guys who got you there. Rosters are static at the mid-season point relative to the final game.
H: The referee calls stand, good or bad. They are paid to keep you safe, then to call a match. Card issues can be taken to the good conduct committee.
I: A team forfeits if they cannot field half a team plus 1 without subbing. This will be recorded as a 0-3 loss.

Some other long-standing “rules of play”:

We work to lower the soccer fees through our good reputation, using our size to negotiate fees, our ability to self-regulate, and our desire to grow the sport in the area. All our rules and recommendations are designed to do exactly this.

Teams are allowed to sub players, as our first goal is to get games going period. With that in mind, teams can sub in paid league players so the team can have up to 3 subs on the sideline outdoors and 4 indoors. A gentlemanly understanding is that you don’t bring in players who would unbalance a game. Unpaid league subs are discouraged, but expected to pay $10 per game.

To ensure we get the games off you may be asked to sub for alternate teams, please be willing to help as no one wants to show for a game and the other side cannot field a team.
Subs are there to help, no to run the entire game; if your name is called assume it’s to sub, come off the field and go to the end of the line, we all pay to play and no one is special.

When your game is done leave the sideline area, if someone wants you to sub the team captain will come ask you.

If you are fortunate enough to be asked to sub, let someone else sub the next game, serial subbing is bad form.

Poor sportsmanship will be treated like violent conduct, if you act like an ass you will be treated like one.

Once you leave the pitch, all issues should be forgotten. Solve your problems on the field and do it between the affected players. If that isn’t possible, ask you captains for help, then the refs, then a TASA representative. Do not involve outside individuals in our internal problems; if you do, you and the other player will both be suspended until the issue is adjudicated. This includes facility providers, police, clergy etc.

We generally rent the facilities we play in and the facility providers will direct you back to us to solve league issues. Chain of command is: your team captain, the referee, the league coordinator or TASA rep, then the TASA board.

Don’t be a pig; if you make a mess clean it up, and if you see a mess help pick it up.

Fees are due by the first game of the season. We will make arrangements if needed but should not have to hunt you down for your payments.

If you make a payment with PayPal do it as friends and family: it saves us money.

If you find yourself up by more than 5 goals, restrictions should be put in place to manage the score without embarrassing the other team, including the defense playing forward, only headers and special goal attempts, all players must touch the ball before a goal can be scored, etc.

The team captains can agree to modify play and the score before the game starts. For instance, if a team is clearly over matched, the team captains can agree to a score in the book and swap players to balance the game, or players can only play specific positions, field and goal sizes changed to fit the number of players, etc.

This is not all the recommendations, but a starting point that will receive additions down the road. Check back often.